Does $0.67 a Mile Really Cover Driver Expenses

New Growth Staff
June 12, 2024

Many have asked if 67¢ a mile reimbursement really covers expenses.

Let’s do the math.

A 100-mile trip from the volunteer’s driveway and back gets reimbursed $67.

If the volunteer’s car gets 25 miles per gallon, and if gas is $3.25 a gallon, then gas for that trip costs $13.

This leaves $54 towards all other expenses like oil changes, wear and tear, car insurance, and car payments.

We don't issue 1099's - it's a reimbursement based on the current federally approved rate for reimbursement. Reimbursements are paid to the drivers twice a month by direct deposit or check.

Most people budget for car insurance and a car payment whether they drive their car or not. Many drivers choose to clock several hundred miles a month, finding that the reimbursement helps cover those expenses so they can then spend that budgeted money on something else.

Drivers only need to have minimum liability coverage car insurance as required by the state. New Growth Transit provides necessary insurance coverage for trips conducted as a volunteer driver. And because they are driving their own car, they don't need a special drivers license.

As our drivers often say, "You won’t get rich doing this," but the reimbursement is a nice benefit to volunteering along with the fulfilling satisfaction of knowing you’re helping people who have little choice.

We've found volunteers really enjoy getting out and helping people!

Marlene, a Cedar County volunteer driver recently visit the office and told us she likes how volunteering makes her get out of the house. She said she really enjoys getting out and talking with people, and the people she provides rides for are so grateful for the help too.

We work hard to make it as easy as we can for volunteers to simply enjoy their time as a driver. Sarah, our volunteer driver trainer, provides one-on-one training for each new driver so they feel confident in what they need to know to safely help riders get where they need to go.

And, because our volunteer drivers are VOLUNTEERS, they choose when they are available and where they're willing to drive.

Scott, a Hickory County volunteer driver, told us he loves it. He wasn't planning on doing this as part of his retirement, but now he's hooked. He drives all the time!

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If you have questions about being a volunteer driver, we’d love to chat with you! Call us at 417-283-7991

Or visit the New Growth Transit Volunteer Driver Webpage to download a volunteer driver application.