Women's Business Center

Get your business going and growing!

The New Growth Women’s Business Center advances rural entrepreneurs in all stages of business development and growth. We focus on the power and potential of rural women to employ themselves, provide jobs for others, and build their local economies and communities.

We are coaches and connectors. We make sure your business has the right resource at the right time.

Services are available to men and women, and generally at no cost.

The New Growth Women’s Business Center is funded in part by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

1:1 Business Counseling

New Growth's business counselors can help with business development strategy, taking an idea to startup, business planning, succession planning, marketing and more.

Credit Building

Credit Building is a free, nonprofit service available from New Growth to help individuals establish or improve credit scores.

Access to Capital

New Growth has microfinancing for small businesses available from $500-$50,000. New Growth get small businesses "bank ready" so they can unlock more capital to get going and growing.

Start Here

Leverage our Business Accelerator Network for your business growth. Access to our network ensures your business has all of the right resources at the right time.

Business Training

Workshops and Webinars targeted to rural small business topics.

Who We Serve

Serving 15 counties across Kansas and Missouri

The New Growth Women's Business Center serves 13 counties in west central Missouri and two in southeastern Kansas. Missouri counties served are Barton, Bates, Bourbon, Camden, Cedar, Dade, Dallas, Henry, Hickory, Morgan, Polk, St. Clair, and Vernon counties. Kansas counties served are Bourbon and Crawford counties.

Contact Us for Business Assistance

In addition to our headquarters in El Dorado Springs, we also meet up with entrepreneurs at partner sites across our 15 rural Missouri and Kansas counties. The New Growth Women’s Business Center accommodates clients who speak other languages and persons with disabilities.

8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Evenings and weekends by appointment.
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Fueling Rural Business Growth: Accelerate Past the Death Valley Curve

Fueling Rural Business Growth: Accelerate Past the Death Valley Curve

Rural businesses can face extra challenges to get past the "Death Valley Curve," a phase where startups balance growth potential with limited funding. Jessi Runner's Beauty Mark Mobile Salon exemplifies this support, having found the backing to expand with an innovative business model that benefits multiple rural communities.
Project Brings Rural Business Life to Light

Project Brings Rural Business Life to Light

Bringing rural life to light – showing the everyday innovation and enterprise of people in rural Missouri – is the focus of the Rural Business Photo Stories Project at New Growth, a nonprofit community economic development organization based in west-central Missouri.
What is Credit Building? Watch this.

What is Credit Building? Watch this.

A credit check is part of almost anything you try to do these days … get a job, get a home, insure your car … . A good credit score will save you money and open doors.