Connecting farm and non-farm businesses and neighbors to resources that help our Missouri rural communities thrive.

From deep roots comes new growth.

A young woman holding a little girl, writing on paper.
A man helping his passenger get out of the vehicle.


Building a network of volunteer drivers and coordinating regional transportation services in West Central Missouri.

A woman organizing tubes of paint.

Women's Business Center

Focusing on the power and potential of rural women to employ themselves, provide jobs for others, and build their local economies and communities.

Someone purchasing some fruit.

Food & Agriculture

Helping farmers, food businesses, and community organizations connect and build the working relationships needed to make farm-to-table work.

A photo of a sign in a window that reads, "Yes, we're open"


Offering microloans to startups and existing rural businesses that are having difficulty finding financing elsewhere, with the goal of graduating to traditional business loans.

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Festival of Games 2024

Festival of Games 2024

At the heart of community action is Community! Join us for fun events hosted across West Central Missouri this summer in support of providing access to opportunities and choices for our neighbors and rural communities.
START HERE Business Acceleration Network

START HERE Business Acceleration Network

The START HERE Business Acceleration Network is a team of resource partners working together to ensure rural small business success.
Project Brings Rural Business Life to Light

Project Brings Rural Business Life to Light

Bringing rural life to light – showing the everyday innovation and enterprise of people in rural Missouri – is the focus of the Rural Business Photo Stories Project at New Growth, a nonprofit community economic development organization based in west-central Missouri.