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Wine Journal

Wine Journal

Local businesses supporting local businesses is at the heart of what Daniel Horner does at the Wine Journal, located in Adrian, Missouri. After some time away from his hometown, Daniel returned to Bates County and would soon open the Wine Journal restaurant and wine bar. He launched this new local amenity in the rural town of Adrian, an hour’s drive south of downtown Kansas City, in the spring of 2019. It is located in the historic building that once housed the Adrian Journal newspaper.

A typical day at the Wine Journal is just the kind Daniel envisioned when he moved back home to be closer to family and part of his community. Staff prepares to open for the lunch service, putting food in the oven and polishing wine glasses. Daniel stops in, asking for the grocery list for the day. From there, he walks down the street to check the mail at the Post Office, crosses the street to do business at the bank, and then gets in his truck to go to the Yoss Thriftway grocery store. Here Daniel purchases fresh produce, works with the folks in the meat department to prepare the hamburger they will use at the Wine Journal and, if his mom is working, says hello to her.

Daniel and husband Ty’s commitment to place goes beyond shopping locally. The only wines the Wine Journal offers by the glass are Missouri wines. Live music featuring local and regional artists is a common feature of weekend dinner services and special events. The outdoor patio draws people together in warmer months, while the cozy interior keeps them coming the rest of the year. Making space for people to share time and enjoy company is how the Wine Journal builds sense of place in rural Adrian while serving up good food and wine.

As one customer said in a Facebook review, “If you live near Adrian (or within a manageable driving distance), consider yourself lucky. This place is an absolute gem. Food was out of this world. Wine selection was awesome. Atmosphere was beyond comparison. Owner is the nicest guy. Can’t wait to go back!!”

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