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The Red Rooster Antiques

The Red Rooster Antiques

Cars whiz down U.S. Highway 13 headed north toward Kansas City and south toward Springfield, Missouri. Many who have made this drive will have noticed a larger-than-life Rooster on the east side of the highway just outside of Lowry City. A cluster of local businesses arrayed behind the rooster make up the Red Rooster retail destination: The Red Rooster Antiques, The Four Fillies Mercantile, The Cottage at Chloe, and Silkwood Blooms.

JoAnn Silkwood is the owner of The Red Rooster and a driver of the group push to develop a “small town marketplace.” Regan Hollinsworth owns the Four Fillies Mercantile. Susan Hilty manages the Cottage at Chloe. It is a family affair at Silkwood Blooms, owned by JoAnn’s son and daughter-in-law, Eric and Ashley Silkwood.

The Red Rooster Antiques is full of primitives, glassware, collectibles, furniture, and other antiques. Just north of The Red Rooster is the Cottage at Chloe, a restored farmhouse with displays of furniture and antiques for sale throughout. It is named after the community of Chloe that was once was in existence around the same spot.

The rich smell of espresso greets customers who walk into The Four Fillies Mercantile. Around the coffee bar are shelves and racks full of farmhouse decor, home goods, candles, clothes, and gifts.

Silkwood Blooms is on the south end of the property. It started as a small greenhouse primarily growing and selling mums. It has grown to offer the full spectrum of bedding plants in the spring and summer along with fall mums. A stroll through Silkwood Blooms’ pick-your-own Zinnia bouquet garden is an extra treat when shopping.

The businesses are complementary, and creative. Coming soon is a small eatery that will add to everyone’s business.

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