Fresh thinking for women in business

Patty Cantrell
July 26, 2022

The New Growth Women’s Business Center is pleased to offer an opportunity for six rural women entrepreneurs to join a six-month, peer-to-peer support group guided by women’s business leadership coach Dina Readinger, creator of the Diagnostic Thinking program for effective decision making.

Complete this survey by close of business Aug. 31 to start your application. A final group of six will begin the program mid-September. The pilot program is free but requires a commitment to meeting with the peer-to-peer group for two hours each month for six months.


Join in a webinar with Dina: 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, August 25. She will tell us more about the GrowMO peer-to-peer experience. You can register for the webinar and find information about attending a “PJs and Pies” watch party here:

VIDEO: Here, Dina introduces the pilot GrowMO Women Entrepreneurs project.


The pilot GrowMO Women Entrepreneurs program is the New Growth Women Business Center’s first step in building ongoing peer-to-peer support groups for rural women in business. It uses the “diagnostic thinking” process Dina developed from her experience working through deeply rooted stories that get in the way of women’s confidence in business.

The program is both rigorous and rewarding, past attendees report. It’s about drilling down to the “right question,” which beliefs and assumptions can keep us from understanding. It’s about coming up with strategies to solve a problem. It includes accountability to the group for taking next steps.


Dina Readinger comes to her work as a women’s leadership coach from a lifetime of direct experience with the challenges that so many women face in work and business.

First, she was a dairy farm wife struggling to be heard as a business partner. Moving on from that involved life as a single mother of two with very little money. Yet she had an education and a job in the pharmaceutical industry. She built a professional career in a glass ceiling world.

“When I retired, I saw other women suffering the same way I did during my twenty-five years in corporate America,” Dina says. “I created these processes to help other women overcome self-defined barriers to success … fix their “broken thinking,” and get out of their own way.”

For more information, contact the New Growth Women’s Business Center at 417-282-5936 or