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RiOak Design

RiOak Design

Camp, Missouri, is a celebrity in the international home décor segment that Raetz’ best-selling designs helped to build.

Evidence of this home décor phenomenon is found these days on most any wall. Rustic signs painted with clever and inspirational sayings have become a big deal.  

“When we entered the market, the popularity of what we were doing was still growing,” Raetz said.

RiOak had its first international hit with a two-word sign that is still one of its best sellers. Displayed is a phrase that Raetz heard her grandmother exclaim many times: “Well, shit.”

The entire Raetz family now works full-time fulfilling orders for signs that they still cut and paint by hand. The family also tends to a growing social media community of industry followers, 50,000 strong.

On Facebook at The Profitable Sign Maker, Raetz offers advice on the business of sign making and invites followers to share projects and ideas. RiOak also brings this community together for in-person workshops at its renovated historic building in downtown Cole Camp and online with its live Creative Maker Movement events.

E-commerce made the difference for RiOak. Early on, Raetz figured out how to market her designs through Amazon.The success Raetz found in this industry is something she wanted to help others achieve also. She became a business coach and educator for others in the business.

The combination of worldwide sales and downhome industry connections works well for Raetz and her high school sweetheart husband. They have built a business and a life with plenty of time for their children and the rural community they love.

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