Fueling Futures: The Empowerment Mission of New Growth Women's Business Center

New Growth Staff
May 15, 2024

New Growth Women’s Business Center (WBC) plays a crucial role in New Growth’s mission to serve business owners in several counties in West Central Missouri and a few counties in Eastern Kansas. The WBC empowers business owners of all genders by equipping them with essential resources,guidance, and support to thrive, creating jobs and strengthening communities.

How the WBC Supports Business Owners

The New Growth Women’s Business Center(WBC) provides a variety of services to support women entrepreneurs:

·       One-on-One Counseling: Personalized guidance to tackle specific business challenges.

·       Training Workshops: Covering essential topics like business startup, financial management, marketing, procurement, and government contracting.

·       Networking Opportunities: Connecting women entrepreneurs with like-minded individuals, potential collaborators, and mentors.

·       Technical Business Assistance: Helping navigate complex business processes effectively.

·       Microloan Financing and Credit Building: Available through collaboration with New Growth Capital

Who can work with New Growth Women’s Business Center?

Small and medium local business owners of all genders come to the WBC in all phases of growth: startup, expanding, or even as an idea yet.


Transforming Dreams into Reality: Lucky Ducky Cleaning’s Journey with the WBC

Stacey and Larry Poe, rural Missouri residents, faced adversity during the pandemic. Stacey lost her job, but their determination led them to create Lucky Ducky Cleaning. With support from the W and a $5,000 loan from New Growth Community Development Corporation, they launched their business. The WBC provided essential guidance, including one-on-one counseling, training workshops, and networking opportunities. Lucky Ducky Cleaning now manages contracts with 10 government office buildings,demonstrating the impact of micro enterprises on rural communities. Their journey exemplifies the power of community support and innovative solutions. 

New Growth Women’s Business Center (WBC) stands as a beacon of empowerment

Through personalized counseling, practical workshops, and networking opportunities, the WBC fuels the dreams of local entrepreneurs. From Stacey and Larry’s journey with Lucky Ducky Cleaning to countless others, the center’s impact reverberates across our communities.The New Growth WBC isn’t just about business; it’s about transforming the lives of families and individuals, one entrepreneurial spirit at a time.