2024 Farm to Fork Summit & Expo

Patty Cantrell
November 8, 2023

Early Bird tickets on sale now!

The Farm to Fork Summit & Expo is a full day of meeting and learning from farmers, food buyers, and other people and organizations interested in regenerative agriculture, building local food and farm business opportunity, and making sure everyone eats well.

Our sixth annual event takes place February 23, 2024, at the Nevada Community Center in Nevada, Missouri.

Tickets & Info

Highlights include a fabulous local food lunch (in the middle of winter) and our keynote presentation: The Joyful Drought Resilient Farm.

Session topics include:

  • On-farm conservation practices
  • Outlets for local farm products
  • Connecting with customers
  • Food and farm business development

Check out our Farm to Fork page with more information on breakout sessions, and exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities, too.