Join us in making good things grow here.

We build commerce and community by connecting west central Missouri’s people and places to regional market opportunities. Tourism, food and agriculture, and rural living are three that can help us build more of what we want, need, and love here.

New Growth and partners work across these market opportunities to:

Cultivate interest and entrepreneurs with community asset building.

Connect people to resources, and each other, with a business acceleration network

Catalyze innovation and investment by improving community infrastructure.

We work with west central Missouri to discover what’s possible, and make it happen.


We work with residents, entrepreneurs, and organizations to identify and build up local assets needed to seize community economic opportunity that feeds our rural quality of life. For example, demand for small town living and open spaces presents west central Missouri with real potential to keep and attract residents, young and old. New Growth helps communities and entrepreneurs advance the businesses, capacity, and amenities, such as arts events and recreational trails, needed to meet this “livability” demand, as well as other market opportunities, such as tourism. Community asset building connected to actual market opportunity, an approach known as WealthWorks, stimulates investment in what we need, want, and love here.


Helping new and existing entrepreneurs grow strong is essential to the work of building local ownership and lasting livelihoods here in west central Missouri. New Growth and partners are organizing a regional business acceleration network to encompass training and technical assistance, financing, marketing, and peer-to-peer support. Examples include partners working to provide more business seminars and counseling in the region, on-the-ground economic development, and new wholesale training and mentorship support for new and beginning farmers.


New Growth and partners work to improve essential infrastructure that our communities and entrepreneurs need to succeed. In 2018, for example, we launched the Rides to Health and Wealth Network. This initiative brings health sector and community partners together to organize rural transportation resources and get people where they need to go. It begins with medical-related rides using the Missouri Rural Health Association’s innovative HealthTran model. Similar efforts to pull local partners and resources together, and think and act outside the box, are beginning in the areas of rural housing and broadband.

Keep local businesses going and community assets growing through tourism.
Help grow the local food and agriculture opportunity.
Rural living is a community economic development opportunity.